2008 Membership Meeting    


HAND IN HAND: Shaping the Profession TOGETHER!


Our Second Annual Membership Meeting was a unique opportunity to stand together for equal access and medical interpreting as shared responsibilities. This meeting brought together diverse stakeholders:


  • Policymakers and Legislators
  • Hospital Administrators and Managers
  • Agency, Independent, and Staff Interpreters
  • Accrediting Organizations and Regulators
  • Healthcare Provider
  • Academic Institutions
  • Trainers
  • Associations
  • Advocates


The 2008 program was designed around five key topics:


Interpreter Training and Education

What are effective methods and formats for training medical interpreters? How long should a course of training run? What essential information is needed to adequately prepare medical interpreters? How should training address ethics and standards?


Quality of Interpreting Service Programs

How can a program be established? What tools does a program need? Once a program is in place, how can it be promoted? How can a program be monitored for effectiveness?


Funding Interpreting Programs

What sources exist for funding? How can they be accessed? What other resources are available? What do model programs do? Can Medicare funding be tapped? How can a multi-tiered pay system work?


Standards for Training

Where are the regional and national plans for standards and how do these impact training? How long should a program last? What qualifications should trainers have? Who should design curricula and what should they include?



Nationally, how can diverse stakeholders stand together, working to improve the field?


Download the full 12 page report here


Questions? Contact the NCIHC Membership Committee.