NCIHC Green Policy

At NCIHC, we recognize that every organization has a direct or indirect impact on their local, regional, and global environment. It is our policy to apply green thinking to every action and every decision to benefit our members, our volunteers, and our community.


NCIHC envisions an operation in which every process has a positive environmental impact. We strive, as an organization, to be known in the language services industry as a green leader. We are dedicated to making the following actions to achieve our green vision:

  • Reduce NCIHC’s carbon footprint
  • Support initiatives that reduce NCIHC’s environmental impact
  • Improve NCIHC’s environmental performance as an integral part of our organizational strategy and operating procedures
  • Inspire others (members, volunteers, and general public) to incorporate green practices in their activities


  • Minimize Waste - NCIHC business is mostly conducted via email and conference calls. In an effort to minimize waste, volunteers and other participants of organizational activities are encouraged to decrease the consumption of paper and increase usage of paper containing recycled content. All NCIHC publications are available electronically.
  • Efficient Use of Energy – NCIHC uses and purchases energy star-compliant hardware whenever possible.
  • Encourage Conservation – NCIHC volunteers are encouraged to conserve energy whenever possible.
  • Establish a Green Team – Volunteers will meet quarterly to review NCIHC initiatives and make recommendations to the Board and Committees.
  • Spread the Word – NCIHC will incorporate green education when appropriate as part of its outreach efforts.