Webinar # 4

Technical Tools

for Teaching Medical Interpreters:

Classroom Aids from YouTube to iPhones


By guest Trainer of Trainers Alvaro Vergara-Mery, PhD, CMI

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Some of the comments received:

  • The best webinar ever, very interactive!
  • Overall, this was a very well done webinar and the presenter was very eloquent and resourceful!
  • I got a lot of great ideas to try new things.  Thanks!
  • Great information, a nice tour through resources available on the internet as well as good ideas on how to use smart phones and language labs
  • Information about recording with smart phones was particularly helpful
  • Great resources and techniques. Thank you all.
  • Interesting presentation.  Useful. Thanks.
  • Great webinar! Thank you!


A recording of this webinar is not available. 


Webinar description:

Engage your medical interpreter students with multi-media material that emulates real health care experience. Use the power of feedback from self-recorded speech analysis to greatly enhance performance.

Attendees learn to:

-  Use Internet YouTube videos as a tool for practicing interpreting techniques

-  Use smart phones to record practice and analyze skills

-  Use medical videos for note-taking practice

-  Use a language lab to increase terminology proficiency in the weaker language
    and to teach accent reduction techniques. 

About our guest Trainer of Trainers 

Alvaro Vergara-Mery, PhD, CMI

Alvaro Vergara-Mery is a Senior Medical Interpreter at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. He is in charge of interpreter education and training, language proficiency, cultural competency, translation, and curriculum design. Interpreting Profanity is his most popular advanced workshop. He is also a consultant for Health Equity and Access Consultants.

Dr. Vergara-Mery received a bachelor’s degree from Universidad de La Serena, Chile, a master’s in Education and Spanish from Minnesota State University at Mankato, and a doctorate in Spanish from Arizona State University. He has held faculty appointments at colleges and universities around the country. 


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