Organizational Structure

The NCIHC is currently governed by a 9-member Board made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 Directors. Board members serve two-year terms and are elected by the NCIHC membership. Half of the board is re-elected in any given year.

The NCIHC also consists of the following committees that support its organizational goals and mission, along with an advisory group of individuals who provide expert insight and support.

Members interested in active participation in the work of the NCIHC, either on a committee or a specific project, should contact us right away!

The Executive Committee is made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one member-at-large selected by the board.

The Finance Committee of the NCIHC is responsible for consulting with the Treasurer on the annual budget process of the corporation; for reviewing and making recommendations on the annual budget submitted by the Treasurer and for developing and recommending long-range financial objectives for the Council.  The Finance Committee will be working with all other NCIHC Committees in carrying out its role of fiscal oversight and planning.

The Organizational Development Committee is responsible for developing the policies and procedures needed by the Council to function fairly and openly over the long term. This committee develops draft policies and procedures for the Board to review, both at the request of the Board and at its own initiative. The Committee provides monitoring and oversight for much of the Council's activities, assuring that activities stay within the policies and procedures that have been established.  To this end, the Chair or the Vice Chair serves on the Executive Committee.

The Outreach and Membership Committee manages communications with the Council's geographically, ethnically, professionally, and socially diverse multidisciplinary membership and supporters.

The Policy, Education, and Research Committee serve in an advisory capacity to assist organizations and individuals that want to carry out educational and research activities. It also tracks and responds to policy initiatives affecting interpreters and/or limited-English proficient, D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals while promoting dialogue regarding research in language access and health care.

The Standards and Training Committee works to develop consensus and share expertise around all aspects of interpreter practice and training. It includes several working groups that contribute through webinars, resource development for Languages of Lesser Diffusion, and white papers published through NCIHC. 


 NCIHC Board of Directors


President 2020-2022
Rosanna Balistreri
REACH-reaching diversity
San Diego, CA

Vice-President 2021-2023
Erika Shell Castro
Language Access Consultant and Interpreter Trainer
Lilburn, GA

Treasurer 2020-2022
Cindy Roat
Independent Consultant
Shoreline, WA

Secretary 2021-2023
Rosemary Simpson Ford
St. Joseph Hospital
Nashua, NH

Director 2021-2023
Tatiana Cestari
Columbus, OH

Director 2020-2022
Carla Fogaren

Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center
Brockton, MA

Director 2020-2022
Eliana Lobo
Lobo Language Access
Tacoma, WA

Director 2018-2020, 2020-2022
Tim Moriarty
Baystate Health
Springfield, MA

Director 2019-2021, 2021-2023
Lynette Reep
University of Vermont Medical Center
Burlington, VT




NCIHC Committee Members

Finance Committee

Matilde Roman (Chair) - NY
Enrica Ardemagni - AR
Maria Michalczyk - OR

Roger Samson - TX
Cindy Roat - WA


Nominating Committee


Enrica Ardemagni (Chair) - AR
Lynette Reep - VT

Gabriela Siebach - NC


Organizational Development Committee (ODC) 

Enrica Ardemagni (Chair) - AR
Esther Diaz (Vice Chair) - TX

Rosanna Balistreri - CA
Tim Moriarty - MA


Outreach and Membership Committee (OMC)

Erika Shell Castro (Chair) - GA
Kevin Cunningham - OR
Carla Fogaren - MA
Soren Grieve - IA
Tim Moriarty - MA

Ceci Phelan-Stiles - MA
Lynette Reep - VT
Doel Salcedo - FL
Rosemary Simpson Ford - NH




AMM Work Group (under OMC)

Maria Michalczyk (Co-chair) - OR
Manuel Higginbotham - TX

Lisa Morris (Co-chair) - RI

Social Media Work Group (under OMC)  

Rosemary Simpson Ford (Chair) - NH
Tim Moriarty - MA


Ceci Phelan-Stiles - MA

Policy, Education, and Research Committee (PERC)

Gabriela Siebach (Chair) - NC
Tatiana Cestari - OH


Carlos Pava - MI
Dr. Eva Stitt - VA


Journal Work Group (under PERC)

Tatiana Cestari - OH
Jaime Fatás - AZ
Linda Golley - WA
Michelle Scott - CA

Gabriela Siebach - NC
Dr. Eva Stitt - VA
Tracy Young - NV

Research Work Group (under PERC)

Rosanna Balistreri - CA
Jaime Fatás - AZ
Linda Golley - WA


Michelle Scott - CA

Gabriela Siebach - NC
Dr. Eva Stitt - VA

Lynette Reep - VT

Policy Work Group (under PERC)

Carlos Pava - MI
Marina Waters - IN


Standards and Training Committee (STC)

Eliana Lobo (Chair) - WA
David Brackett - OR
Dr. Eric Hardt - CA

Analia C. Lang - IN
Jane Kontrimas - MA
Erin Rosales - WI

Webinar Work Group (under STC)

Erin Rosales (Chair) - WI
Jaime Fatás-Cabeza - AZ
Andrea Henry - GA

Rachel Herring - MN
Eliana Lobo - WA
Jane Miller - MI

Languages of Limited Diffusion (LLD) Work Group (under STC)

Katherine Langan (Co-chair) - IA
David Brackett (Co-chair) - CA
Abdiqadir Dahir - MN



Valerie Huang - OH
Bindiya Jha - MA



National Standards of Practice (NSoP) Work Group (under STC)

Jane Kontrimas - MA
Analia C. Lang - IN