Healthcare Interpreter Trainers Initiative
Members of the Webinars Work Group (WWG) 
 Group members:
  • Andrea Henry
  • Eliana Lobo
  • Erin Rosales (Chair)
  • Jaime Fatás-Cabeza
  • Jane Miller
  • Rachel Herring

The Healthcare Interpreter Trainers Initiativ

The NCIHC has created a Home For Trainers Webinar Initiative to help interpreter trainers address training issues and improve training content, methods and techniques to better meet the new National Standards of Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs, providing such support by setting up a series of Webinars with pertinent instructional opportunities and related resources.

In 2012 we surveyed the needs of interpreter trainers, asking them what they themselves would like more training in. We have tabulated the results and created a training structure that allows us to offer such content to trainers of medical interpreters. We offer webinars to trainers located anywhere in the USA, better yet, anywhere in the world, building a pipeline of high-quality presentations delivered by experts in the field. Each Webinar is a 90-minute online presentation (including questions and discussions).  

Some of the initial topics we have covered or will cover in the future include: 

  • Interpreting skills
  • Decision-making
  • Cultural brokering
  • Language and communication
  • Professional practice
  • Skills-Building
  • Training technologies
  • Presentation methods