noun: pillar; plural noun: pillars
1. a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building, or as an ornament or monument.
2. a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something 


The NCIHC is pleased to announce the launch of the “Pillar” program – an opportunity for “the rest of us” to demonstrate their commitment to, and appreciation of, the work of the Council.  

Just as a "pillar" provides support, the NCIHC Pillars support the work of the Council in enhancing and promoting language access in health care in the United States.  

If you believe that all people have the right to quality health care, regardless of their ability to speak English, consider becoming an NCIHC Pillar.

How to become an NCIHC Pillar?  Just sign up here and:

    • Your name or the name that you designate on a Pillar will be added to the NCIHC website. 
    • Pillars can be individuals or entities
    • If you desire, you may inscribe a message to your Pillar (up to 140 characters -- equal to a Tweet)
This is your opportunity to publicly declare yourself a fervent believer in language rights as human rights.
Unlike a sponsorship or other types of support, the cost of becoming a NCIHC Pillar is only $20!  
Become a NCIHC Pillar to support refugees, immigrants, and the deaf and hard of hearing in need of health care.  

Who/What are the NCIHC Pillars?
They are YOU! 
Just as pillars provide support for a building, it is people like YOU who provide essential support to the work of the NCIHC. 

Traditionally, the NCIHC has engaged in little fundraising outside of the sponsorships of the Annual Membership Meeting. 

However, we believe that if asked, many of you would be willing to donate a small amount of money -- $20 – to become an official NCIHC Pillar. 

What do you get for $20? 
Your name will be included on the NCIHC website as a Pillar.
If you choose to say something about your donation, you are free to provide up to 140 characters of text (equal to a Tweet) that will accompany your name. 
Become a Pillar today!

Enjoy the NCIHC Facebook page?  Or other social media?  Here’s an easy way to say thanks!

We hope that you will join us in supporting the NCIHC.  Become a Pillar today! 

Contact [email protected]

Meet the NCIHC Pillars



Click here to become a Pillar today!