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The Journal ACCESS

We invite you to read the first edition of the NCIHC journal, ACCESS. Click the highlighted link below to access it. Please share widely with your networks.

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2022 NCIHC Board Elections Ballot Information

It's that time of year again! NCIHC 2022 Board Elections are now open for voting!  You can learn all the details about voting in this year's NCIHC election and be connected to the election ballot.

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FREE Webinar!

The ProAct: How to Protect Your Livelihood (because, yes, we need to) 

Did you think the threat of taking away freelance status ended in California? It didn’t. Now we have to fix a Federal Bill... 

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Call for Nominations

2022 NCIHC Language Access Champion Award

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The next NCIHC Membership Meeting date has just been announced.  Be sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss this great opportunity to learn and communicate with others in the field of language access.

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NEW Advocacy Paper!

Interpreter Advocacy in Healthcare Encounters: A Closer Look 

The NCIHC National Standards of Practice Work Group has just published a new advocacy paper on this very important topic. 

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NCIHC Statement

Discrimination and Racism Against People of Asian Descent

Asians have a long, rich, and complicated history in the United States. Sadly, that history includes being the targets of racial bias, discrimination, and violence, which has increased exponentially... 

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Read and download the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and the NCIHC Working Paper Series here.

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The NCIHC is composed of leaders from around the country who work as medical interpreters, interpreter service coordinators and trainers, clinicians, policymakers, advocates and researchers.

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