STC Podcast 15

New STC podcast now available!

STC Podcast #15 with Carla Fogaren, NCIHC President

Check out the latest video podcast episode from Interpreting for Healthcare.

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OTR webinar #5

NEW On The Road Webinar!

How to Develop a Language Access Plan:
Setting clear expectations for meaningful access to healthcare programs

A Language Access Plan (LAP) is a strategic document developed by organizations...

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Home For Trainers webinar #61

New Home For Trainers Webinar!

Medical Interpretation for End-of-Life Issues

This session will focus on the role of and challenges for the medical interpreter in situations including breaking bad news to the...

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LLD Podcast with Indre Lelevicieve

New podcast recording from LLD!

LLD Conversations with 
Indre Lelevicieve

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Interpreter Trainer Symposium 

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