Welcome to the NCIHC Annotated
Bibliography on Language Access

Image of a Libriarian working in a library in the mid-1900'sThis bibliography includes a growing number of resources relevant to healthcare language access. In order to see the contents, click below on the button marked Bibliography.

The landing page of the bibliography consists of three major panes.

Left Navigation Pane

  • On the left navigation pane, you view and choose from categories of content.
  • At the top of the left navigation pane are the Main Categories. Below the main category box lies the Tags, or key words, selection list.
  • By choosing any of these Main Categories OR any of the Tags, the bibliography will show you all the items which address your topic, displayed in the main pane in the center.

Center Navigation Pane
By clicking on any item in the central pane, you will then see the attributes of that item appear in the right pane, called the Information Pane.

Right Navigation Pane
At the top of the right Information pane are five tabs that allow you to see in-depth information about the item:

  • INFO tab: It shows the URL to access the item on the web.

  • NOTES tab: It shows the annotation by the NCIHC Education Work Group (EWG). Click on the note to view the entire text of the annotation note. 

  • TAGS tab: It describes all of the key words assigned by the EWG, to further describe what is in the item.

  • Disregard the Attachments and Related tabs.

Important Navigation Information
To return to the landing page to make further choices, click on the title of the Bibliography (NCIHC Annotated Bibliography), at the top of the left pane. Or to continue exploring, simply choose another category or tag from the left navigation pane.