Barriers to Care Map

small piece of the Barriers to Care MapPatients must do many tasks to access care. They must find a source of care, contact the care team, establish care, engage with care, and move through the care process with all of its contact points and requirements.

The care system is fractured into many pieces, so the patient may need to engage with multiple health organizations, programs, pharmacies, providers, and payors. The patient may encounter barriers at each step of the way. 

This poster presents a visual image of the many tasks that a patient has as s/he accesses care and shows the barriers that can pop up. The poster also shows the likely consequences of each of these barriers if the patient cannot navigate past that step. 

This poster is viewable in its entirety at the link below.

Barriers to Care Map

Need more details?

This PowerPoint presentation walks you through the concept of barriers to care and provides information about how to get a copy of these materials for use in your own environment of care.

 Barriers to Care PowerPoint