FAQs - NCIHC Information

About the organization and its mission

What is the NCIHC?
Many people ask what kind of organization the NCIHC is.

  • Is the Council an interpreters association?
    It is not, yet it ardently supports the profession of health care interpreting.
  • Is the NCIHC a “think tank”?
    The NCIHC performs and promotes research in the field, but it is not a think tank per se.
  • Is the NCIHC a policy organization?
    Again, the NCIHC develops policies and produces documents that address ethics and standards of practice for the field, yet it is not only a policy organization. It links with local, regional and national advocates.
  • Is it an employment agency?
    The NCIHC is not an employment agency; it does not receive or send resumes on individuals who are looking to work in healthcare interpreting or in health care.
  • Then what IS the NCIHC?
    Purely and simply, the Council is an organization of passionate people and committed organizations that support quality interpreting and healthcare access.

What are the activities of the NCIHC?

  • Establishing a framework that promotes culturally competent healthcare interpreting, including standards of practice a code of ethics for interpreters in health care
  • Developing and monitoring policies, research, and model practices
  • Sponsoring a national dialogue of diverse voices and interests on related issues
  • Collecting, disseminating and acting as a clearinghouse on programs and policies to improve language access to health care for limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

Who is the NCIHC?
NCIHC membership is comprised of people from all over the US —interpreters, healthcare providers, lawyers, and government employees from a variety of disciplines. The NCIHC is governed by a 16-member, all-volunteer Board made up of two Co-Chairs, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and the co-chairs of each of its six committees. Board members serve two-year terms and are elected by the NCIHC membership. The NCIHC also has a six-member Advisory Group with representation from academia, sign language interpreting, medical associations, accrediting organizations and others. (See the NCIHC working paper series)

Where is the NCIHC located?
The NCIHC is a virtual organization. It is a “national” organization, as the name implies, but has members in other countries as well as throughout the US. It is incorporated in California, but the official address is in Washington, DC.

How can I become an NCIHC member?
Anyone with an interest in healthcare interpreting is welcome to join. Simply click here to submit an application and membership dues.      

How can I contact the NCIHC?
National Council on Interpreting in Health Care
5614 Connecticut Ave NW, #119
Washington, DC  20015-2604
[email protected]