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Meeting the "Now" Need: PMH-APRN-Interpreter Teams Provide In-Home Mental Health Intervention for Depressed Latina Mother with Limited English Proficiency, Beeber, Lewis, Cooper, Maxwell and Sandelowski.  Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Vol. 15, No. 4, 249-259 (2009).  

Latina mothers of infants and toddlers are at high risk fordeveloping serious depressive symptoms if they are newly immigratedand have limited English proficiency (LEP). Depressive symptomscompromise these mothers and result in severe consequences fortheir U.S.-born children. A randomized clinical trial of a short-term,in-home psychotherapy intervention for symptomatic mothers inan area of the United States where bilingual mental health providerswere scarce used teams of English-speaking advanced practicepsychiatric mental health nurses and bilingual community interpreterswho were trained in a conduit, consecutive model of interpretation.The article describes the development of a theoretically congruentinterpreter model, the training program that supported it, thechallenges that surfaced and lessons learned during successfulimplementation in the field. Future refinements in progressand uses of the model are discussed.

Key Words: LEP Latina mothers • infants/toddlers • depression • mental health intervention • language interpreting • psychotherapy

Emotional and Psychological Effects on Interpreters in Public Services 
By:  Carmen Valero-Garces