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The NCIHC is a multidisciplinary organizationwhose mission is to promote and enhance language access in health care in the United States.

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June 26, 2012


Work Progressing on the Home for Trainers


NCIHC’s Standards, Training and Certification Committee has been working hard to build the Home for Trainers. Here’s where we are as of mid-June.


  • The Webinars Work Group is creating a survey to see which parts of the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs represent the greatest challenges for interpreter educators. The responses will be form the basis for the series of training webinars scheduled to start later this year.
  • The Mentoring Work Group will soon be launching a dedicated listserv for interpreter trainers, as well as a Training Resource Marketplace, where trainers can find information and reviews about interpreter training materials, link to where the materials can be purchased, and even review materials that they have used.
  • The LLD Work Group, in response to the input at the 2012 Annual Members Meeting, is gathering resources and aids focusing on the recruitment, training and assessment of interpreters in languages of lesser diffusion (LLD). 


Stay tuned for more news over the summer!


June 14, 2012




7th Annual NCIHC Membership Meeting to be held in Seattle Washington - June 7 & 8, 2013!



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Mark you calendars!! The NCIHC once again takes the show on the road - this time to the Pacific Northwest! We're eager to get back to Seattle - a place near and dear to our hearts. We won't have firm details for several months, but be sure to follow us on Facebook and check back on our website for up to the minute information! It will be an AMM you won't want to miss! Click here for more information about the event!


December 13, 2011

Collaboration with Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center


The Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center (RHTAC) collaborated with the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) to post resources on language access in health care settings to their website! Click here to read more about the collaboration and to check out the new resources for healthcare providers who work with refugees!

September 9, 2011

Response to MediBabble


Recently two physicians from the University of California San Francisco Medical Center developed a translation tool called "MediBabble."  MediBabble is a free downloadable medical translation application ("App") that is intended to assist providers in communicating with LEP patients.  While some have lauded its creation, others have concerns about its use.  To read an article from two NCIHC members which details those concerns, please click here. 

 August 19, 2011

Thank you for attending today's NCIHC webinar on

"IMIA National Accreditation for Training Organizations"


 The NCIHC's Standards, Training and Certification Committee invited IMIA to speak about its National Accreditation for Training Organizations.  Izabel Arocha, IMIA's Executive Director, joined us today to discuss the work that has been done to date by IMIA, and the timeline for the work that is pending.

To view the webinar, click here.


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