Trainers Webinar # 12

Thanks for Making that Mistake!

Using Errors as an Interpreter Teaching Tool

by Juan Felipe Gutiérrez Sanín

This live webinar took place on April 9, 2015.

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Some of the comments received:

  • This was one of the best webinars from the Home for Trainers thus far.  I found it extremely helpful!
  • I liked the longer question-answer period at the end; personally I found all the questions and answers of great practical use for my classes.
  • I was pleased that the speaker shared resources with the participants.


Trainers of medical interpreters can use common and critically dangerous types of mistakes to help student interpreters understand how mistakes are made and how to avoid both making them and compounding mistakes made by others. The use of mistakes as a dynamic learning tool reduces students’ fear of less-than-perfect classroom performance and  encourages interpreters to be analytical and proactive as they work in the actual health care environment.

Learning Objectives

1) Categorize mistakes made in transmitting interpreted information into those originating with 
    lack of clarity from the end parties OR those corrupted by the interpreter.
2) Know the most commonly made types of errors in healthcare when there is NO interpreter involved.
3) Categorize mistakes made by interpreters based on what the interpreter did to the message, 
    and why, so that this can be addressed specifically for each student.
4) Know the documented ways in which interpreters corrupt a healthcare message.   
5) Begin to create training tools such as role plays, reflective learning journals, and rubrics to bring alive 
    the topic and to inculcate good habits for ongoing professional learning around interpreting errors.





About the presenter:

Juan Felipe Gutiérrez Sanín is a nationally recognized public speaker and trainer on equity in health care and on language support as a critical empowerment tool. Juan has served as faculty at Western Kentucky University, The Cross Cultural Healthcare Program, and Highline College. He holds a Medical Degree from Colombia and two master’s degrees in Public Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


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