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The National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs are here, and NCIHC wants to help educators meet them. Through the NCIHC Home for Trainers Webinar Initiative, you’ll find tips and strategies to help you improve training content, methods and techniques. We host a webinar every other month and each webinar features interesting and timely material selected and presented by leaders in the field of interpreter training.

Guest trainers in the Home for Trainers webinars series retain copyright to all material and content created for their respective webinar.


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Past Topics and Presenters in the Home for Trainers Webinar Series

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WWG 41 image

Interpreting IEP Meetings: A Close Look for Interpreter Trainers at this Intersection of Healthcare and Education Services

By Nora Goodfriend-Koven, MPH and Gabriela Siebach, MATI, CHI

WWG 40 image

How Not to Hurt Part 2: Teaching Trainers about Vicarious Trauma and Advanced Self-Care Tools for Interpreters

by Ludmila Golovine

Approved by CCHI for CEUs

WWG 39 image

Interpreting for Fragile Patients in Mental Health Encounters: Training Tips for Healthcare Interpreters

by Dr. Laura Brookham

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

WWG 38 image

Working with Detained Immigrants in Removal Proceedings: Training Tips for Healthcare Interpreters

By Laura Belous, Esq. and Jaime Fatás-Cabeza MA, USCCI, CHI

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

WWG 37 image

“Just Read This to the Patient.” An Introduction to Teaching Sight Translation to Healthcare Interpreters

By Rachel Herring, M.A., Ph.D.

Approved by ATA and CCHI for performance-based CEUs.

wwg 36 image

Not Only English! Building the Foundation for Language-Specific and Bilingual Interpreter Instruction

By Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHITM and Margarita Bekker, CoreCHITM

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

WWG 35 graphic

I'm Exhausted! Teaching Interpreter Trainers about Research on Complicated Encounters and Measuring Mental Fatigue

By Andrea Henry, BA, CMI-Spanish and Kathy Murphy, MSC, RN, PCNS-BC, PPCNP-BC

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

WWG 34 image

How Not To Hurt: Teaching Trainers about Vicarious Trauma and Interpreter Self-Care

By Ludmila Golovine

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

R Herring picC Roat pic

A Lot to Think About: Investigating Dialogue Interpreting Performance

By Rachel Herring, M.A., Ph.D., and

special guest Cynthia E. Roat, MHP

Approved by ATA and CCHI for performance-based CEUs.

J Fatas Cabeza Pic

Putting Consecutive in Order: Reassessing Priorities and Skills in the Teaching of Consecutive Interpreting

By Jaime Fatás-Cabeza

Approved by ATA and CCHI for performance-based CEUs.

L Essary pic

All of the Above: Preparing Interpreters for Computer-Based Exams

By Liz Essary, MCI, CHITM

Approved by ATA for CEP

Balistreri PicLester PicLangdon Pic

Professionalism and Beyond: Training Interpreters to Succeed in Business

By Rosanna Balistreri, Giovanna Lester, CT, and Elena Langdon, MA, CT, CoreCHITM 

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

V Sosa pic

Bridging the LLD Gap: Relay Interpreting and Lack of Equivalencies

by Victor Sosa, CCI, CMI

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

S Couture_pic

Modality Matters: Including Remote Interpreting in Interpreter Training Programs

by Suzanne Couture, MEd, CHITM

Approved by ATA and CCHI for CEUs

Lobo photo
by Eliana Lobo, MA, CoreCHITM
Approved by ATA for CEPs
cris Silva
by Cris Silva, M.A., CT
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
Elena Langdon_pic
by Elena Langdon, MA, CT, CoreCHITM
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
M Pinzl photo
By Michelle Marie Pinzl, MA
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
Kalen Beck
by Kalen Beck, CI and CT 
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
Jorge UngoTim Moriarty
by Tim Moriarty, MPA, CMI-Spanish, CHI, and Jorge U. Ungo
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
Eliana Lobo pictureNatalya Mytareva picture
by Eliana Lobo, M.A., CoreCHI and Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
 K Langan photo
by Katherine Langan, PhD
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
by Natasha Curtis, MA, CHITM and Glenn Martinez, PhD
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
by Nancy Foote, MD
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs
R Balistreri

Baby Steps to Note-Taking 
by Rosanna Balistreri
Approved by CCHI and ATA for CEUs

Q&A image

Live Q&A with Guest Trainers: 

A Roundup of 10 Past Presenters

Claudia Brauer photo

Remote but Highly Engaged: 
Training Telephonic and Video Interpreters for Success

by Claudia Brauer  
Approved for CCHI and ATA CEUs

Amber Franklin photo


Say That Again? Enhancing Your Accent Acumen
by Amber Desiree Franklin, PhD, CCC-SLP 
Approved for CCHI and ATA CEUs


Gloss Up Glossaries!
Expanding the Application of Glossaries
in Interpreter Training Programs 
by Natalya Mytareva, M.A., 

Approved for CCHI CEUs

Thanks for Making that Mistake!
Using Errors as an Interpreter Teaching Tool 
by Juan Felipe Gutiérrez Sanín, M.D., MPH 
Approved for CCHI CEUs



Commit to Rubrics: 
A Connecting Factor that Impacts Healthcare Interpreting
from the Classroom to the Workplace
by Zarita Araújo-Lane, LICSW,
     Vera Duarte, MA,
     Andrew Jerger, CHI™ & CMI 
Approved for CCHI CEUs


No Interpreter Left Behind:
Ensuring Language Access 
for Less Common and Indigenous Language Communities
by Katharine Allen, M.A. 
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Offering Feedback Effectively:
A Critical Skill for Trainers of Interpreters
by Jacolyn Harmer, MA, DEA, AIIC 
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Straight into the Deep End?
A Systematic Approach to Skill Acquisition 
and Goal-Setting
in Interpreter Training
by Rachel Herring, M.A.  
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Spreading Safety, Not Germs: 
How to Teach Infection Control to Medical Interpreters
by Michelle Scott, RN, MA 
Approved for CCHI and ATA CEUs

"Help! What do I do now?”
Improving Decision-Making Skills
for Interpreters Using Demand-Control Schema 
by Karen Malcolm, MS 
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Cultural Incompetence:
A Fix-It Webinar for Interpreter Trainers 
by Marjory Bancroft, M.A. 
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Technical Tools for Teaching Medical Interpreters: 
From YouTube to iPhones as Classroom Aids 
by Alvaro Vergara-Mery, PhD, CMI 

From the Classroom to the Exam Room:
Learning Based on Real-World Experience
by Therese-Marie Mirande, PhD, MA

Tips for Teaching Advanced Medical Topics
and Finding Resources for LLDs 

by Mary Esther Diaz, M.Ed., CT 
Approved for CCHI CEUs

Teaching Ethical Decision-Making 
to Healthcare Interpreters 
by Cynthia E. Roat, MPH 
Approved for CCHI and ATA CEUs