Trainers Webinar # 21

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This live webinar took place on October 28, 2016.

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Some comments received:
  • "Awesome presentation."
  • "Inspiring webinar!"
  • "Thank you again for this timely webinar."
  • "The results were unexpected. It makes you wonder if the questions were understood."
  • "We need to be very careful how we report the findings of the JTA. I want to suggest that the results of the JTA be characterized as being true for the group of survey respondents, not for the whole profession. 2000 respondents represent a very small percentage of the likely number of working healthcare interpreters in the U.S. {...} Therefore, these results can be said to represent the situation for the self-selected group that responded to the survey, but not for the healthcare interpreting profession as whole."


Attendees will learn what a job task analysis is, why it matters and how CCHI organized, vetted participants for, and conducted the JTA. Reported results and conclusions about healthcare interpreter demographics, roles, responsibilities and scope of practice will be shared. What this means for the profession will be examined and discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Trainers will learn how to validate the training that is core and essential for healthcare interpreters
  • Trainers will be able to check and balance their trainings to reflect JTA findings/metrics
  • Provide resources for trainers of interpreters
    • We will be able to clearly connect JTA findings to prior Home for Trainers webinar content
    • We will invite attendees to share additional resources of value to trainer colleagues 



Eliana Lobo, M.A., CoreCHITM

N.MytarevaNatalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHITM 

About the presenters:

Eliana Lobo is a native speaker of English and Portuguese. Born in Brazil, Eliana obtained her master's degree in Bilingual Education from Brown University, where she taught Portuguese as a Teaching Fellow. She received a Fulbright Grant to conduct research in Brazil. Eliana is a Washington state registered court interpreter, a Washington state authorized medical interpreter, a certified Trainer of medical interpreters, and a CoreCHI™ healthcare interpreter. She has partnered with numerous organizations, including government and private entities, to design, develop, and deliver training programs for interpreters and interpreter trainers. She has many years of experience supervising teams of medical interpreters and overseeing the quality of language access services. Eliana is a CCHI Commissioner and a member of NCIHC, IMIA and CHIA. Eliana is also a member of the NCIHC’s Home for Trainers webinars work group.

Natalya Mytareva is Managing Director of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters and one of its founding Commissioners. From 2000 to 2013, Natalya was Communications Director at the International Institute of Akron, a non-profit refugee resettlement agency in Ohio. She is the author and instructor of several courses for interpreters of languages of lesser diffusion. Natalya is a Russian interpreter/translator, and started her career as instructor of various interpretation/translation courses at Volgograd State University (Russia) in 1991. She holds a combined BA/MA degree from VSU in Philology & Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

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